Monday, October 22, 2007

Just who is this Silly Dwarf

Simple answer, I'm a dwarf paladin speced 0/41/19... so prot with enough in ret to grab a fun item or 2. I'm also newly 70, having logged less than a day of play time at that level, an RP'er, and finally a character on feathermoon(US).

The long answer to that is more complicated. I come from everquest, a game i played since before it had its first expansion, and who has only recently switched to WoW (I've only played since sometime shortly after TBC came out). More or less out of not knowing any better i speced prot, and stuck with it. Which leaves me here, never really learned the holy tree, and only recently started into the ret tree to grab some things i wanted (improved ret aura for example). Where will this blog go... Who knows, probably with me raiding Mt Hyjal, etc, but that will be a while

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