Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"the joys of raiding" A message proposed by Blessing of Kings, and one i cant deny has a certain attraction to it, unfortunately the reality is that it takes quite some time to reach it. I'm not saying that i should be able to reach it tomorrow, but on the same token, i know what its going to take me to start raid, and that is a long long time. first i need to upgrade my gear, which means a long grind, either for rep for heroics, or the 10 metric tons of materials (primals mostly) that i will need to get things crafted and enchanted. then there is the run up to kara, meaning that i have to get my flying mount. how do you people do it, i mean the 1-69 game was fun, but how does blizz expect us to put up with this much grind once we get to 70? i used to never understand gold farmers, or the people who buy from them, but given the alternatives, I understand them more. Still not gonna buy gold, but at least now I understand why people do

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