Friday, September 18, 2009


dont ask me why, but this blog is done, i have another blog, for oracle and raiding (where i might put my ideas on my 2 main hobbies) my updates will go there as long as i keep this up

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"the joys of raiding" A message proposed by Blessing of Kings, and one i cant deny has a certain attraction to it, unfortunately the reality is that it takes quite some time to reach it. I'm not saying that i should be able to reach it tomorrow, but on the same token, i know what its going to take me to start raid, and that is a long long time. first i need to upgrade my gear, which means a long grind, either for rep for heroics, or the 10 metric tons of materials (primals mostly) that i will need to get things crafted and enchanted. then there is the run up to kara, meaning that i have to get my flying mount. how do you people do it, i mean the 1-69 game was fun, but how does blizz expect us to put up with this much grind once we get to 70? i used to never understand gold farmers, or the people who buy from them, but given the alternatives, I understand them more. Still not gonna buy gold, but at least now I understand why people do

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just who is this Silly Dwarf

Simple answer, I'm a dwarf paladin speced 0/41/19... so prot with enough in ret to grab a fun item or 2. I'm also newly 70, having logged less than a day of play time at that level, an RP'er, and finally a character on feathermoon(US).

The long answer to that is more complicated. I come from everquest, a game i played since before it had its first expansion, and who has only recently switched to WoW (I've only played since sometime shortly after TBC came out). More or less out of not knowing any better i speced prot, and stuck with it. Which leaves me here, never really learned the holy tree, and only recently started into the ret tree to grab some things i wanted (improved ret aura for example). Where will this blog go... Who knows, probably with me raiding Mt Hyjal, etc, but that will be a while

Friday, October 19, 2007

The horseman

Having hit 70 recently for the first time, i was happy that there was lvl 70 content for the all hallows fest this year. Having fought the horseman a dozen or so times so far, with varying success I have to say that its a blast. I only have one complaint with it: Why the hell is it in the graveyard in Scarlet Monastery? This isn't too bad on Feathermoon(a RP server for those of you who might not know), But i have to imagine that on a PvP realm all the people standing around waiting creates many, many bodies. Anyways, i have most of what i want from him, so I'm not sure how many more times I'll run it, However I would like the pet he drops, so who knows I might.

Topics for later:
Just who is this silly dwarf
pally tankadin healing
more all hallows fun